Drama ‘Vimoksha’ was extended till Saturday

Kathmandu- At this time, the number of spectators in the play is encouraging. Every show of ‘Yeuta Sapanako Awasan’ being staged at Mandala Theater is getting full house. Not only celebrities but common people come to watch the drama.

A similar situation has also been seen in the play ‘Vimoksha’ which is being staged at Shilpi Theatre. Shilpi has extended the staging of ‘Vimoksha’ by a week after the audience flocked to watch the play. The play will be shown till next Saturday. “Due to the high demand of the audience, we have extended the play,” Ghimire Yuvraj, who is also a writer, told reporter.

‘Vimoksha’, which received good reviews, tells the story of characters who struggle to attain salvation. The audience is responding that it is an original play and the presentation is excellent. Ghimire Yuvraj, Pavitra Khadka, Kamal Ghimire and Saguna Shah are acting in the play.

From Friday, the play ‘Max Farkiye’ is being staged at Aarohan Gurukul in Thapagaon. According to the Gurukul, this play with Sunil Pokharel and Nisha Sharma in the lead roles has been re-staged as it is relevant to the current environment and politics.

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