Paul portrayed his prison life in a music video

After being released from prison, the song produced and directed by actor Paul Shah was released on YouTube on Thursday. This song, which is a female version of the popular song ‘Timilai Herne Bani Paryo’ from four years ago, is based on Shah’s real life in the last one year.

The mood of the family is also depicted in this song, which includes the story from the time of imprisonment to the release. Actress Surymala Khanal has acted in the role of Paul’s mother while Prakash Adhikari has played the role of his father. In the plot after being released from prison, Paul’s romance with model Sanisha Bhattarai can be seen.

At the beginning of the video, Paul can be seen being taken away by the police in handcuffs. He has also depicted the mood of being in prison. The lyrics and music of the song are by Pushpan Pradhan and the voice is by Annu Chaudhary. Speaking at the Rukum Mahotsav for the first time after being released from prison, Shah announced that he would bring out the second version of ‘Timilai Herne Bani Paryo’ as his first work.

On Falgun 14th, the Pokhara High Court gave a verdict acquitting Paul in the case of child sexual abuse. The next day, he was released from Tanahun District Jail.

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