Poetry collection ‘O Pengdorje’ and short story ‘Musukk Ma’ being published

Publication Nepalaya is going to publish two works.

A collection of poems ‘O Pengdorje’ and a short story ‘Musukk Ma’ are about to be published in a short period of time.

The poetry collection ‘O Pengdorje’ written by Raju Syangtan contains 51 poems in six different volumes.

Raju, a sociology student, is a penman by profession. He has been active in journalism, writing and social political movement. This is his first poetry collection.

Publication Nepalaya is preparing to publish this book simultaneously in the form of print, e-book and ‘audio book’. The ‘audio book’ will have the tunes of poet Raju and singer and musician Abhash.

This poetry collection will be available for purchase online from Amazon after its release.

Similarly, another book prepared by Nepalaya is Hiranya Bhojpure’s short story collection ‘Musukk Ma’.

More than hundred short stories are collected in this book. Most of those stories ended up on a single page.

Bhojpuri’s collection of short stories ‘Musukk Ma’ is also available as a physical book, e-book and audio book, and this book can also be purchased from Amazon.

Saijan Maskey, chief executive of Publication Nepalaya, who will release both these books soon, said.

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