Dhiraj-Jasita will meet audiences from Butwal and Nepalgunj

Actor Dhiraj Magar and actress Jasita Gurung are going to have a live interview with the audience after reaching Butwal and Nepalgunj, which are considered to be the big markets of Nepali films. They are going to meet the audience of that area to inform them about the film ‘I Am Twenty One’ which is going to be released on 21st Baisakh. They are scheduled to meet in Butwal on Friday. 

Director Rensha Rai Rana said, ‘We are eager to meet the audience before the release of the film. I am excited to see what the audience thinks about our film.’ Dhiraj and Jasita will meet the audience in different colleges and cinema halls of Butwal. Likewise, on Saturday they will interview the audience at Bageshwari Hall of QFX in Nepalganj.

For the first time in Nepal, a film has been made on the subject of dance, and a section of the audience is excited. After the release of the trailer and the song, some have even tried with the Bollywood film ‘ABCD’. It can become a dynamic weapon to pull the audience to the hall. Director Rai has said that through dance, the latent dreams and desires of the Nepali youth generation have been shown in the film in a very sophisticated manner. 

Produced by Prabhu Shamsher Jabara and Prajwal Shamsher Jabara, the film also stars Arun Chhetri, Prem Subba, Luniva Tuladhar, Palpsa Dangol, Raju Bhuju, Sujata Rai, Suryaman Limbu, Bikash Joshi, Rizon Pariyar, Sushant Gautam and others. The film has cinematography by Sushan Prajapati, editing by Nimesh Shrestha, background score by Rohit Shakya and choreography by The Wild Ripperz Crew.

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