“There is a wrong tendency to act films in theaters and theaters in films”

Binita Thapa Magar, the actress of the film ‘Halkara’, which is preparing to be released from next Friday, has expressed her displeasure with the recent acting in the film and stage.

She said, ‘Acting on screen and on stage is different. But here the acting of the film is happening in the theater and the acting of the theater is happening in the film, which is very wrong.

Saying that famous actors are acting like this, she further said, “I don’t want to name them, but they may be forced to do so.” They may not have enough research. I think that they have not thought deeply about acting.

Film critics have been expressing such dissatisfaction like Binita’s before. The ‘Halkara’ famed actress from theater background told that she has a desire to act in all characters in the world. In this film directed by Bikram Sapkota, she played the role of a woman who takes care of the house in the absence of her husband.

She also narrated her experience of auditioning three times for this film. A video audition, a chemistry build-up audition with Hero and another screen test audition,” she said, “I did a lot of research online and through YouTube. During the shooting, I went to the village and observed what the village women look like, how they speak and experience everything.

Talking about the film, she said that the film will present the hidden side of foreign employment. “While doing research, I also saw a news, in the year 2061, 12 Nepalis went abroad with big dreams. He went with the hope that he would make jewelry for his wife and buy a house for his mother-in-law, but he did not return. This inspired me to play the film, she said.

She says that when the husband goes abroad, the pain of the wife having to live alone at home and its social impact can be seen in the film. You have to understand how to solve the problem alone. The film gives courage and courage,” she says, “its story is 100 percent connected with the Nepali audience. It is trying to show what is. Every house has its own story. There are also elements of surprise and suspense.

Binita, who recently celebrated her 14th year of acting, is ready for every character and film. My work is acting. I also do acting in commercials and art type, she says, I consider myself lucky if I get to portray all the characters in the world. It is not a big role, I will do a role that comes my way.” She says that although women are often depicted as suppressed characters in Nepali films, Halkara’s character is strong.

Apart from this, she is preparing to make a short film with her company Adven Films. Now she is busy with pre-production work. At the moment, I am thinking about making a film. If I live, I will act even after 80 years,’ says Binita.

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