How much did ‘Jari’ earn in a week?

How much did ‘Jari’ earn in a week?

The film ‘Jari’ of ‘Kabaddi’ group has started this year well. The film collected Rs 7.65 million in the first week, it appears in the system of the Film Development Board. Since the advance booking earnings of Friday (today) are also added to this, after deducting it and adding the report of the halls without box office, the film may have earned up to 7 Crores 50/55 lakhs in a week.

The film is sure to score well in the second week as well. It seems likely that the film will earn 2.5 to 3 crores in the second week due to the high show and audience in the multiplexes. On top of that, because the film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ starring Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has come out weak, it has become easier for ‘Jari’ to hold on to the theaters.

In the domestic market, the film will be around 12 crores. This is a big number for Nepal. Because of the great response from both the audience and the critics, ‘Jari’ has gained strength in earnings. Focusing on Limbu culture and tradition, the film has recited the love story between Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar by adapting the tradition. Directed by Upendra Subba, the film is strong in visual language.

Roydeep Shrestha, Rekha Limbu, Prem Subba, Bijay Baral, Anil Subba, Pushkar Gurung, Kamal Mani Nepal, Upasangba Nembang, Sitakumari Tumbapo, Panthak Thule and others are also acting in this film. Produced by Rambabu Gurung, the film has music by Jhuma Limbu and Ganga Thapa, cinematography by Shailendra D Karki and editing by Nimesh Shrestha. After ‘Kabaddi 4’, Dayahang and Miruna collaborated in ‘Jari’.

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