Climax change of ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ three days after its release

Within three days of the release, the movie ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ has changed to the climax. Director Rensha Rai Rana informed that now the audience will be able to see the climax in a new form. Renshaw said that the audience suggested to change the climax saying that it was incomplete.

We have changed the climax keeping in mind the demand of the audience. The audience has liked the changed climax,” she said. “The audience has completely liked the film. We have also changed the complaints that came in the climax.

It is a rare example in the Nepali film industry that an important part of the film being screened in the hall will be changed in this way. Earlier, the Censor Board had raised a question when some scenes were changed in the film ‘Dui Numari’, while the Film Development Board had issued a statement and expressed interest in it.

According to the data of the board, Jackie: I Am Twenty One has grossed Rs 35 lakh in three days. This is a very low opening weekend. However, director Renshaw has informed that the movie has been liked by those who have seen it. “After changing the climax and entering the hall, the audience thanked me,” she said. The film has Dheeraj Magar, Jasita Gurung, Prem Subba, Luniva Tuladhar and others in top roles. The film has been produced under the banner of Icore Films.

It is said to be the country’s first dance drama film.

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