The heart and soul of Niti that resides on the ‘Camino’

After participating in Miss Nepal, Niti Shah got a film offer. However, she did not want to work in films for a long time. Now she dreams of making a career in films. That is why she is constantly signing film deals. Before the lockdown, she had signed the film ‘Hututu’ and then the film ‘X9’. However, both films have not yet been produced. 

Rushing to make her film debut, she signed her third film last year, ‘Camino’. At that time, she was taking a three-month acting course from actor Anup Baral. In this film, she will be paired with actor Pradeep Khadka. Now her body and mind are in this film. She has been discussing the script and her character with the film’s team for a few weeks now.

Although ‘Camino’ is Niti’s third film in terms of contract, it is the first in terms of acting. She is very serious about the film, which is going to start shooting from next Jestha. On Sunday, she shared a picture of the film’s script on her Instagram story and wrote, ‘My heart and soul is in this project.’ This shows her concentration and seriousness towards ‘Camino’.

Being the first film, there is a lot of pressure and challenge for her. Because, this film will write the horoscope of her career. On the one hand, she has the challenge of excelling in acting, and on the other hand, there is also the pressure that the film should be commercially successful. Moreover, most of the actresses from the Miss Nepal background have not been able to make a strong presence in Nepali films. Now there is a waiting policy.

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