Nude Shilpa in ‘Parastri’ poster to be shown in India too

Actress Shilpa Maskey will be seen in a bold role for the first time in the film. The way she is presented in the public poster of the film ‘Parastri’, which is going to be released on the 15th of Jestha, makes a ‘surprise’. In one of the four public posters, she is bold and in another, she is seen nude in a bathtub. This arouses curiosity about her role. 

In the first poster, Shilpa is pictured in a red one-piece with both hands tied with a rope and blindfolded with a red bandage. In the second poster, she is seen nude in a bloody bathtub. The third poster shows her body under the head between the two heroes, which shows her sexuality. In the fourth poster, she looks bold in a long red dress.

The film, directed by Suraj Pandey’s debut director, also stars Shilpa along with Shreyad Chhetri, Gaurav Bista, Alisa Chhetri, Ashant Sharma and others. Produced by Sharmila Pandey, the film will also be screened in India on the date of Nepal. The Hindi dubbing of ‘Parastri’ has been going on for a few days in a studio in India. For which Suraj and Sharmila are currently in India. 

The story of the film produced under the banner of DS Digital is ‘Pashupati Prasad’, ‘Aama’ famed director Dipendra K. Written by Khanal. The cinematography of the film is Neeraj Pandey. The film, made in the thriller genre, has raised the story of family and social crisis caused by extramarital affairs. The writer of the film Khanal says that he is very satisfied with the director of Suraj.

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