‘Jackie I’m Twenty One’ was released on Thursday instead of Friday

With the help of the Film Development Board, the rule and method of showing films only on Fridays on dates other than certain holidays of Dashain, Tihar, Teej and New Year has been repeatedly flouted between various organizations related to films, including the Film Producers Association. By violating this rule, sometimes foreign films and sometimes Nepali films have been shown on any date. 

Especially foreign films are ahead in not obeying this rule. Films like ‘Bharat’, ‘Tiger’, ‘Bhola’ were screened in Nepal before Friday. Neither the Film Development Board nor the film related organizations could take any steps to stop it. Perhaps because of this, Nepali producers have started breaking the rules of release. The film ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ is a new example of this.

Since 21 is in the name of the film, the producer has also chosen Baisakh 21. However, this date did not fall on Friday and the film has been released today from Thursday. In this way, if the tendency of showing the film on any date is given as a base, the tradition of release may be destroyed. However, the board president Bhuwan KC attended the premiere of this film and became a rare witness of the film.

After being elected as the President of the Producers Association, Nawal Khadka said in the first meeting that the rule of Friday release will be strictly implemented and if anyone violates this rule, they will announce the program of protest. However, even though ‘Jackie’ violated the release rules, the producers’ association remained blindfolded. President Khadka, who enjoys playing media, is busy visiting his in-laws.

With ‘Jackie’ coming on display from Thursday, a day before last week’s ‘Prasad 2’ and ‘Nai Nabhannu La 6’, many shows have been canceled. The film development board and film related organizations are responsible for organizing the release. However, here the law is being passed on to the little ones and freedom to the big ones. There is a possibility that many Nepali films like ‘Jackie’ may violate the release rules in the coming days.

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