‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ Premiere:

Advance ticket sales of the Nepali dance drama ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’, which received a satisfactory response from the premiere, have started from Wednesday. For the first time in the history of Nepali films, the guests who watched this film had a new experience.

It presents the story of a young woman from Nepali society who struggles to become successful in dance, especially through the dance choreography of the hip-hop genre. Directed by Renshaw Rai, who has been active in dance choreography for 13 years, multiplexes have given a pleasant show to this film.

QFX has provided 26 shows for the Dheeraj Magar and Jasita Gurung starrer. INI has provided 6 shows, One Cinemas 13 shows, Big Movies 5 shows. It is predicted that the opening of this film will be pleasant, especially in city-centred multiplexes. Naturally, the film will attract young audiences.

As it received positive reviews from the premiere, it seems that the earnings of the film can be satisfactory on weekdays as well. After the hit of his first film ‘Into Mintu London’, director Renshaw is under pressure to make his second film a hit as well. This is the third film for actor Magar. Although the previous film ‘Babri’ failed at the box office, actor Magar hopes that this film will give him positive results.

Even while watching the film, Dheeraj’s hard work and performance in hip-hop dance is evident. He has acted in the role of Jackie Limbu, the main character of the film. Opposite him, Jasita is seen in the character of Ruby. The top character, who dreams of becoming a dancer against the pressure from home to become a lahure, ‘engages’ the audience. Director Renshaw said that if ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’ is successful, the second series will be produced.

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