Abinash Bikram Shah’s film ‘Elephant in the Fog’ selected for Sundance’s Script Lab

Nepali film writer and director Abinash Bikram Shah, who won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his short film Lori, continues his journey of international success. His upcoming film has been selected for Sundance’s Script Lab.

Popular media such as Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline Hollywood have confirmed this news. Sundance Lab has announced the names of filmmakers selected in the Nepali Tuesday. In which Shah’s film ‘Elephant in the Fog’ was successfully selected in Screenwriters Lab.

The lab will run online from June 20 to 23. In the online session, experts will give creative suggestions on story reading and screenwriting. Abinash’s ‘Elephant in the Fog’, a co-production between Nepal and France, tells the story of a transgender woman in the backdrop of Chitwan.

Pirati , who is considered the leader of the gay community, is dreaming of living a simple life with the person she loves. But one day suddenly a member of the community disappears. The film presents the story of Pirate’s dilemma whether to live with her lover or fight for the community.

Shah’s film ‘Kalo Pothi ‘ was nominated for the Oscar Award in 2016 from Nepal and his films have been premiered at the Berlin and Venice Film Festivals.

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