Thirty years of ‘Simsime Panima’ song: Rekha Shah brings new video and audio

The new audio and video of the song ‘Simsime Panima’, which was released in Nepali music with the re-emergence of democracy, has been released. In the year 2049, after the singer Rekha Shah won the first place in the national folk song competition organized by Radio Nepal with her own composition, music and voice, this song not only gained special attention, but also became popular.

On the occasion of three decades since the song was recorded, singer Shah released a new audio and video. Recorded at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai, the new audio has music composed by Rikesh Gurung. The song features an Indian instrumentalist. Bijay Dayal, who recorded the famous songs of Indian films, has released ‘Sim sime Pani’ in a new format.

Singer Shah says about the song, “I had a dream to record a song in a recording studio with modern technology and facilities, I got to fulfill that dream with a song that represents my life.” It has given me more courage.’ Singer Shah is confident that the song, which has been recorded by Sahanai, will give a new taste to the audience. Two music videos of the song have also been released simultaneously.

Singer Shah has acted with actor Mahesh Tripathi in the video, which is made by weaving the song with the plot. Filmed and directed by Rupesh Thapa, the song is edited by Milan Bishwokarma. A story of Nepali art sector is presented in that video.

The video of the studio version of the song has also been released. The instrumentals used in the song are featured in the scene, where singer Shah is singing live in an attractively designed studio. Singer Shah believes that the videos released from her own YouTube channel named Rekha Shah in the presentation of Rekha Shah Foundation will add musical energy to the audience/audience.

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