Deuba’s son Jaiveer and cover singer Shivana exchange rings

Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba’s son Jaiveer Singh is now suddenly in the limelight. After the picture of him and a young woman exchanging rings and sitting in a romantic mood was published on Instagram, the discussion has been raised.

Shivana’s mother Pratibha Shrestha shared the picture of cover singer Shivana Shrestha and Jaiveer Singh exchanging rings through her Instagram story. She wrote, “Happiness, I can’t believe it…”

Congress MP Arzu Rana, and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba have not given any response about this. According to close sources, the rings were exchanged in the presence of only a few friends and few family members. Even though a picture of the engagement has been shared, nothing has been revealed as to whether a formal ceremony took place or not.

In the picture, Shivana can be seen wearing a ring on her hand. It was seen that everyone attended the dinner party and had a ‘casual celebration’. Looking at Shivana’s Instagram timeline, it can be understood that these two have been in a ‘relationship’ for a long time, while Jayveer’s closeness with Shivana’s family is also seen. Shivana seems to be running a cosmetics business through an online platform called Pretty Please.

Romantic pictures shared by Jaiveer and Shivana during their foreign trip have also been found on Instagram. According to Deuba family sources, preparations are being made for a family engagement in a few days.

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