Movie lovers will have a special screening of ‘Halkara’

Movie Lovers, a group of film lovers active on social media, is going to have a special screening of the awaited film Halkara. According to the group, this social drama film directed by Bikram Sapkota and awarded with many international awards will be screened on Sunday 24th Baisakh at 5 pm.

Lenin Banjade, an active member of the group, said that along with the performance, there will be a question and answer program with producers, directors and artists.

This film, which has been postponed due to covid, will be screened on Baisakh 29 across the country. Mahesh Tripathi, Binita Thapa Magar, Prakash Dahal and others are acting in the film which got good response from the trailer and teaser. Chintan Raj Bhandari’s cinematography has garnered praise. Mahesh Tripathi won the best actor award and Chintan Raj Bhandari won the best cinematographer award at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival from this film.

The film won the best narrative award at the Nepal America International Film Festival. Halkara is a postman’s story. According to Movie Lovers, there will be a discussion with the production team after the film showing the story of the conflict period.

From this performance, movie lovers have also said that Sundhara’s CDC Cinema will be the center. Exhibitions, programs and workshops organized by the group will be held there. CDC Hall will help in this. Movie tickets can be purchased from Movie Lovers page.

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