Buddhi Tamang’s complaint about not getting salary

Actor Buddhi Tamang is currently a very busy actor that his film ‘lineup’ is packed for a year. He has been traveling in the country and abroad. Tamang, who is known as an “honest” image in the film circle, has revealed the bitter reality of his work to the media.

He complained that many friends from filmmakers tried to use his passion for work. From not getting the salary as per the work done in the film, to the fact that the contract was not returned to him, he is upset. Speaking on Himalaya TV HD’s program Celebs Talk, he said that there are about 60 checks to be exchanged at his house.

“The amount to be collected for exchanging those checks is more than one crore,” he said. But he did not disclose from which film and person the salary is yet to be collected and the checks to be exchanged. “I was hoping that 15-20 checks would be exchanged,” he complained. He said that some films were made free of charge.

Some propose a film with a purpose like social service. I have done those films either for a very low fee or for free,” he said. He also informed that he has set his rate. Although there is talk that Buddhi will get a salary of at least 10 lakh rupees, he did not reveal about the salary.

He said that ‘Chakkapanja’ and ‘Kabaddi’ series made him known among the audience. “I am happy on the one hand and sad on the other hand when this Thego is recognized,” says Buddhi, “I am happy overall.” He said that he enjoys working in a side role because the audience has “enjoyed” him. “I played a side role because I was happy. There is no offer for the lead role yet. If it comes, I will do it,” he said.

Buddhi recently got married at the age of 40. His 29-year-old wife has come to Australia to study. Buddhi, who came to Australia with his wife, returned to Kathmandu to play a film after staying for a while. The marriage was happened within 10 days due to a lot of pressure from home. He said that he did not get married at the age of 25 to 30 due to engaged in drama. Buddhi’s latest blockbusters are Chakkapanja 4 and Kabaddi 4.

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