Barsha Raut’s complaint: The word ‘compromise’ is only applicable to girls?

Actress Barsha Raut has been in the limelight lately due to her personal life. Last year, she herself made public about her rift with her husband Sanjog Koirala, who is also an actor. Barsha also commented that she thought of divorce at that time.

She said that she got the suggestion that they should live together even if it is for the sake of the society. A few months later, when the actor was seen together at Salon Basnet’s reception party, it was assumed that the rift between the two had ended.

On Tuesday, Barsha posted three stories simultaneously on her Instagram story, which indicates that. In the first story, she wrote, “I am tired of being around people who don’t understand honesty.” In another story with a black background, she writes, “I choose my peace of mind over society.” The compromise is too much.’ In the third post, she writes again, ‘This word compromise only applies to girls, right?’

Barsha, who made her acting debut with ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’, has worked in 15 films.

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