“Chapter Close” of Deepak Raj Group in “Dimaag kharab”

Nischal Basnet is returning to directing after almost 6 years with the film Dimaag Kharab. Currently, he is trying to build a strong team. It is said that he has already signed a paper contract with the two leading actors of his successful film ‘Loot’ series, Dayahang Rai and Saugat Malla. He made every effort to connect the Deepak Raj Giri group to the film. However, now its ‘chapter is closed’.

Deepak Raj Group has decided not to tie up in ‘Dimaag Kharab’. On Sunday, at the 51st day success event of the film ‘Chakka Panja 4’, Deepak Raj said that although there was a discussion about working in the film, cooperation was not possible due to various reasons. He said, “It happened.” However, it could not be done due to many ‘terms and conditions’. I did not find myself in that project. That’s all.’

Isn’t it because you don’t understand the script? Deepakraj said that he had no right to say that he did not understand the script. It should not be said that the script was not understood. Because, just because I don’t understand the script, another actor will play it. And, why did I play a film that Deepak didn’t like? So don’t say that. It’s not that I didn’t like the script,” Deepak clarified.

Director Basnet has already announced the screening date of ‘Dimaag Kharab’ on the 24th of Kartik without the shooting. Raunak Vikram Kandel will produce the film about the story of people and power. Nischal was preparing to produce ‘Dimag Kharab’ after his second film ‘Tulkajung Versus Tulke’. However, he was stuck after someone else registered this title with the Film Development Board.

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