British singer Freddie’s collection to be sold at auction

Famous British singer and songwriter Freddie McCreary’s collection of around 1,500 items, including handwritten songs and stage costumes, will be sold at auction.

Freddie, the lead singer of the popular pop band ‘Queen’, is going to be auctioned off his collection of 30 years at his residence in West London. The singer died in 1991. Before his death he left the house and all his belongings to his old friend Mary Austin.

Freddie’s house also has the last painting he bought a month before he died. This picture is near the sofa. The price of which is kept from 4 lakh to 6 lakh euros. Freddie’s handwritten nine-page song ‘We Are The Champions’ will also be auctioned along with the harmonies and chords. Its price is set at 2 lakh to 3 lakh euros.

When Austin was 19, she dated Queen guitarist Brian May. She met Freddie for the first time in 1970. Only after forming a close relationship with Freddie, Freddie tell Austin that he was ‘gay’. It was Austin who took care of Freddie after he contracted an AIDS-related illness. Austin is now 72 years old.

According to Austin, along with the catsuit, glittery shoes, red moccasins and crystal tiara that Freddie wore on stage, his last tour with the band in the 1980s will also be auctioned off.

More than 1,500 of Freddy’s items will be put on display at London’s Sotheby’s before being sold at auction in September. Austin said the auction would raise about €600,000 and some of the money would be donated to charity.

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