Hark Sampang’s charity concert collected 28 lakhs

A charity concert organized by city chief Hark Sampang to raise funds for the water project in Dharan has collected 28 lakh rupees. In the concert named ‘Charity Concert for Kokaha Water Supply Dharan’, famous national artists gave a musical performance on Tuesday.

Deep Shrestha, Rajeshpayal Rai, Deepak Limbu, Prabisha Adhikari, Dilli Phombo and the Band, The Walking Cloud Band, Ekdev Limbu, Rohit Maskey and others gave musical performances. Organizer Silver Entertainment announced the income and expenditure details of the concert in a press conference.

Program coordinator Meena Singak informed that after raising all the expenses of the concert, 28 lakh 36 thousand 345 rupees remained. Mayor Sampang thanked the organizers, donors and artists for holding the concert. He also requested that the money be spent on the Kokaha water supply project and participate in the labor donation work.

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