‘Jari’ premiere in London

The first international premiere of the Nepali film ‘Jari’, which is maintaining dominance in Nepali cinemas, has been held in the UK. Director Upendra Subba, actor Dayahang Rai and actress Miruna Magar were present at the grand premiere held at Princess Cinemas Hall in Aldershot on Sunday evening.

There was a large presence of the Nepali community in the UK at the premiere. Miruna was present at the premiere in Limbu dress. The artists were welcomed at the ceremony by playing Chabrung.

We say that humans originated from Africa. The Limbus reached eastern Nepal and the Gurung Magars reached the vicinity of Pokhara. Wherever they go, the story of the culture continues,” director Subba said before the premiere.

Dayahang was given a hero’s welcome at the premiere. Dayahang was warmly welcomed by the British-based Lahure community. “We keep making films and they call us here from Nepal,” said Dayahang. British non-resident Nepalis, ‘Kabaddi 4’ famous actress Gaumaya Gurung were also present at the premiere. Miruna’s mother Shashi Subba said that she was happy to see her daughter’s hard work. Not only Nepalese but British audience also participated in the premiere.

This film produced by Rambabu Gurung was released in America and Australia along with Nepal. Distributor Ramesh Dhakal said that the film is earning aggressively in the Middle East as well. Apart from this, producer Gurung informed that the film’s earnings are good in Hong Kong and Europe as well.

‘Jari’ is being screened in Nepal in its second week. Even in the second week, its earnings are seen ahead of the Salman Khan starrer Bollywood film ‘Kisika Bhai Kisiki Jaan’.

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