Deepak Raj Giri: Saying that the board’s data is wrong

Deepakraj Giri is called the smartest actor of Nepali films. Before taking a step, he looks not only left and right, but also far away. That’s why he has never seen failure since he started making films. This is the result of his wise steps and decisions. He has well understood the psychology of the audience and the boundaries of the market. This is the main basis for the success of his films.

Deepakraj is also among the most scolded by the audience. And the truth is that he is the most trusted person in Nepali films. From the first film ‘6 Ekan 6’ to the latest film ‘Chhakka Panja 4’, this has been proven. He writes the script himself. He gathers the team himself for the demonstration. He also understand the calculation of income by himself.

Currently, there is debate and controversy about the collection of ‘Chakka Panja 4’. At the end of Chaitra 2079, the Film Development Board announced the earnings of all the domestic and foreign films released in Nepal that year, in which the collection of ‘Chakka Panja 4’ was 16 crores. However, before that, the film’s distributor had claimed that it had already collected 18 crores.

Deepak Raj objected after the board announced the earnings of the films. He meant that the board showed less collection of ‘Chakka Panja 4’. Some interpreted this as the pain of not being able to break the record of 22 crores of ‘Kabaddi 4’. Because, ‘Chakka Panja’ series was making the record of the highest grossing film. Now this record is in the name of ‘Kabaddi 4’.

The film celebrated its 51st day in 16 theaters on Saturday. In some media, the producer of the film, Nirmal Sharma, claimed to have earned 20 crores. Deepak Raj did not want to talk about the collection at the film’s 51st success event held in Kathmandu on Sunday. He said that people should be silent when the government data is made public and that there can be a debate over the data received by him.

Why is he afraid to publicize the data received from the distributor, who has raised objections on Facebook saying that the board’s data is wrong? Afraid that there will be an argument? Is Deepak Raj a character who is afraid of debate? since when If the government agency is giving wrong data, it is the responsibility of common citizens to correct or correct it. It is also necessary to prevent revenue leakage.

The box office system has not been connected to all the halls in the country. As a result, the sure collection of the film is not visible in the system. Therefore, Deepak Raj is justified in objecting that the film’s earnings were shown wrongly in the board’s data. Few manufacturers have this courage. Because, as much as the income is seen, the tax must be paid accordingly. However, one should be able to reveal how little has been seen.

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