Regarding the Sakambari dispute, Prakash Saput said – ‘If there was a weakness , I apologize’

Singer Prakash Saput’s song Sakambari is currently in the limelight. This song, which got 10 million views in seven days, is being discussed as well as controversial.

Singer Saput has given a clarification after the Night Entertainment Business Association raised objections saying that the song misrepresents the night business.

Saput said – ‘I apologize to all those who have been hurt directly or indirectly by my creation. I am also a product of this society and environment. This is how my consciousness is built. So I don’t say there is no weakness, there is.

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Mr. President,

Night Entertainment Business Association, Kathmandu.

The topic of sexual violence against women, which the latest song “Sakambari” tries to raise, is a serious and common issue. It is in all areas. In other words, it is global. This person is special, the vision is special, the tendency is special. So it is unnatural to say that it is only in one area. And to say that it is not in any other area is also unacceptable. But while preparing the characters and the background of the characters, the night entertainment area has been chosen. This is a style. The story is a process of creation. Do not interpret this as an official report material. Please understand it as a story or art material. I would not have established myself as an artist if I had not been a night entertainer (dohori sanjh). I always owed, grateful and thankful To be honest, if I didn’t have the experience of working in this field, I wouldn’t have the story of “Sakambri”. When the press releases and interviews about the song and video came out, I was a little nervous at first. But now I am happy. You have been institutionalized to make the night entertainment business orderly and dignified. For 5 years working in the evenings, I have experienced a disrespectful attitude. I have faced many ethical questions. But from there, many people like me found the rhythm of their lives and moved forward. Therefore, rather than good and bad in the field as a whole, there are good and bad sides and trends within us, and there is even worse bias in the society’s view from the outside. There is a big problem. Thus the problem is everywhere. Therefore, the common goal of all of us is to solve the problem. You are our effort to do decent and successful business, create jobs, build an economically prosperous, violence-free and discrimination-free society. The state has more role in this. It is also the state’s job to educate us and create awareness. Consciousness is formed in the society we live in. Such is the point of view. Creation is like that. So this is the country’s problem. By the way, I apologize to all those who have been hurt, insulted, directly or indirectly by my creation. You are not going to be successful by making someone fail, you are not going to succeed. It is not my intention to create the society but to hurt the society. I am also a product of this society and environment. This is how my consciousness is built. Therefore, I do not say that there is no weakness, there is a weakness. But what we are trying to do is to show the dark stories of the society and inspire them to move towards the light. The role of all of us is equally important to make every part of the country dignified, successful and prosperous, not only in the night entertainment business. The rest, after I come back, I will sit down and review the dohori sanjh in the evening, if the mood is right, I will also recite a dohori. Please choose a sweet phrase.

Thank you!
Prakash Saput From America

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