‘Dev Vani’ under the direction of Babu Balami

The film ‘Dev Vani’ is going to be made under the direction of Babu Balami. Kundan Bhardwaj, Anuja Lepcha, Sunil Thapa, Dhrub Koirala, Dev Singh, Kajol Raghwani, Mausam Paudel will play the lead roles in the film, which will be shot at various locations in Birganj and Terai from Baisakh 19. The song was recorded in a studio in Kathmandu a few days before the film to be produced in Nepali and Bhojpuri languages.

Singer Pratap Das and singer Sunita Karki have sung the song of the film, which has music composed by Manohar Sunam. The film, which will be produced under the banner of Mausam Films Production House and Anuja Entertainment, will have Nirajan Mehta Manjil’s story, Hari Bahadur Ghale’s cinematography and Shri Shrestha’s Action. The film is hosted by Mausam Poudel and is produced by Mina Khadka and Hira Bahadur Lepcha.

Executive produced by Mahendra Yadav, the film will have dance direction by Tenju Yonjan and main assistant direction by Tarkaraj Neupane. Director Balami is going to return to directing after a long time. He has previously directed and produced films such as ‘Prapanch’, ‘Driver Dai’, ‘Elan’, ‘The Soldier’, ‘Use’ etc. ‘Dev Vani’ means Sanskrit language or God’s language.

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