Pooja Sharma writes on Anmol-Sudarshan dispute: ‘Let no one be subjected to injustice’

The “Rawayan” film scandal is still a hot topic. The artist has continued to make comments, one after another. In contrast to actress Pooja Sharma’s comments in support of Sudarshan Thapa, screenwriter Shivam Adhikari is upset with the remark made by actor Anmol KC during the police interrogation.

Anmol had admitted to the police that the reason he declined to perform in the film “Rawayan” was that he did not like the script. The screenwriter was enraged after the statement by KC was published in the media. He is saying that it is his defamation.

Pooja posted a picture and a video of herself adoring a screenplay at the Pathibhara temple on Wednesday morning, along with a statement supporting the producer’s survival. She has indirectly mocked Anmol while speaking out in support of producer and director Sudarshan Thapa.

The truth does not perish just because there is a multitude on the opposing side, claims Pooja. Even if you can clearly see that the production side has been deceived and mistreated with regard to the evidence, it would still be unfair if you remained silent. Anyone could experience it tomorrow. Let’s not only use words to save the producer, but also deeds. There should be no injustice. Jai Nepali cinema This is a day that I will never forget. Pathibhara Mata, Jai.

News of Pooja and Anmol working together on a film surfaced a few months ago. Yet, it doesn’t appear that this project continues to progress after then.

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