Celebrating the 51st day on Saturday, ‘Chakkapanja 4’, the fifth series will be announced?

Kathmandu- Blockbuster film ‘Chakkapanja 4’ is completing its 51st day of release on Saturday. Last year, ‘Kabaddi 4’ and ‘Mahapurusha’ also celebrated their 51st day of performance. Box office success of domestic films is also added to this number.

Celebrating the 51st day is an important moment in itself when the film is struggling to survive even two days after its release. Chakkapanja 4 is completing 51 days in more than two dozen halls. Producer and actor Deepak Raj Giri said that the 51st day celebration of the film will be held at one of the forest feasts around Kathmandu next Saturday.

Giri also hinted that the upcoming new film may be announced at the ceremony, which will also honor those who have contributed to the success of the film. But Deepak is preparing to be busy with films other than Chakkapanja series for some time and is also studying the script. But it is not decided which one to do.

‘Chakkapanja 4’, which was released around the world including Nepal on Falgun 19, is running with good occupancy in the theaters even as the New Year approaches. The occupancy of this film during the weekend is not less than some new releases. “We are very happy, we are grateful for the love shown by the audience for 51 days,” Giri told reporters.

Deepak is not ready to produce the fifth series of Chakkapanja immediately. He is ready to make a film after leaving a gap of at least two years. Before that, he is in favor of working in some films. The titles of some films have also been registered in his name at the Film Development Board. In this case, which film Deepak will start working with after Chakkapanja, it will be decided in a few days. Directed by Hemraji BC, this film was based on a political plot.

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