Paul Shah’s ‘Comeback’ confirmed: film shooting in Bhadra.

Actor Paul Shah, who returned after spending a year in jail due to an incident, is currently giving time to music videos like a reined horse. In the last two months, more than half a dozen of his music videos have been released and the same number are being prepared for release. His busyness has also started to increase in musical programs held abroad. 

Now he is planning to give time to the film. He is also learning acting for the film. While returning from Hong Kong to Nepal on Tuesday, in an interview with a YouTube channel there, Paul said that after working on some music videos that he had already promised, he would give time to the film from the second week of Asadh. 

Bikash Subedi is writing the story of that film. The ‘first draft’ of the script of new film is over. Paul is also taking acting classes.’ He is going to learn acting from actor and director Anup Baral. Paul says that the shooting of the film will start from Bhadra and will be released after Tihar. 

There is talk that Paul is going to make a comeback with a film of his own production house. Elaborating on this matter, he said, ‘First I was thinking of making my own home production film. However, I still have to research the story of that film, so now I am doing a film under an external banner. The writer (Vikas Subedi) of the film that is going to be made in my production house and the film that is going to be made now is the same.’

He stated that the film will be a social story and it will also have a love story. After the release of this film, Paul is planning to go ahead with the home production film. It has been confirmed that the untitled project he is going to do next Bhadra will be directed by ‘November Rain’ famed director Dinesh Raut. Dinesh is also likely to direct Paul’s home production film.

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