Year 2079: This celebrity chose a life partner

Year 2079: This celebrity chose a life partner

Kathmandu- The year 2079 was also known as the year of celebrity love, divorce and marriage. This year, the love of some artists became public, while some broke up. Some chose to marry and live together. Singers, film actors to former Miss Nepal managed to tie the knot this year. These are the celebrities who got married this year.

Keki Adhikari (Actress)

Actress Keki Adhikari also married her lover Rohit Tiwari last Baisakh. Their wedding ceremony was held at Grand Villa Apartment in Dhapasi, Kathmandu. His family members and close relatives and friends were present at his wedding.

Suraksha Pant (Actress)

Actress Suraksha Pant got married last Falgun. She turned her 6-year love affair with actor Manav Subedi into marriage. Her wedding ceremony was held at a resort in Saurah, Chitwan. A limited number of people from both parties participated in the wedding. A few days before the wedding, she revealed about the marriage by releasing the engagement photos.

Indira Joshi (Singer)

Famous singer Indira Joshi married her boyfriend Sharad Kedia last Ashad. Her wedding ceremony was held at Barahi Jungle Lodge in Chitwan. She published the picture through social media and informed that she married her lover Sharad. Indira and Sharad were in love for three years.

Bhumika Giri (folk singer)

Bhumika Giri, a popular folk singer, also tied the knot last Falgun. She had a traditional wedding in Salyan with Hijan Bista. Bhumika and Hijan turned their love for a few years into marriage with family consent. Singer Giri’s songs like ‘Deuralima’, ‘Choli Mailo Bho’ have become hits recently.

Prahil Karki (Video Director)

Model and music video director Prahil Karki also tied the knot with Bhavna Pandey in Falgun. Karki from Jhapa Bhadrapur has turned his love affair into marriage with his girlfriend Pandey from Chitwan. Karki, who has directed more than 200 music videos, was attended by some celebrities in his wedding.

Shila Gajurel (Model)

Model Shila Gajurel also got married to singer, producer and music businessman Ramesh Pathak last Falgun. Pathak of Dhading Gajuri and Gajurel of Nuwakot Peepaltar had turned into a love marriage for some time. Shila has acted in many music videos.

Trishala Gurung (Singer)

Singer and doctor Trishala Gurung also married her lover musician Rohit Shakya last Falgun. After the wedding, she published the picture and informed about the marriage. She, who has been hiding her love, tied the knot shortly after it became public.

Ram Sharan Alemgar (folk singer)

Folk singer Ramsharan Ale Magar also brought his girlfriend Rishu Gartaila as his wife last Falgun. He got married in Godavari temple in the presence of limited relatives and friends. Singer Magar from Shivpuri Rural Municipality-5, Nuwakot has completed his 4-year love marriage with his girlfriend Gartaila from Thaha Municipality-7. Singer Magar’s folk and double songs such as ‘Ghaiya Makai’, ‘Baasko Doko’, ‘Peepal Chhayanle’ are famous.

Jebika Karki (Actress and Model)

Actress and model Jebika Karki is married to boyfriend Manoj Joshi. She tied the knot last Falgun in the presence of relatives and limited friends. Karki, who turned into a five-year love marriage, has acted in many music videos as well as a dozen or so films including ‘Hijo Aajka Kura’, ‘Jayashree Daam’, ‘Karkhana’, ‘Parva’, ‘Janmabhoomi’.

Bartika Rai (Singer)

Singer Bartika Rai married her lover Yugal Gurung last Magh. The couple are musicians. The two got engaged last Aswin. Bartika lives in America and Yugal lives in London. These two were in love for some time. Bartika is very famous especially among the youth.

Samyam Puri (Actor)
Actor Samyam Puri and actress Ashma DC tied the knot last Mangsir. The wedding ceremony of these two was held at Hyatt Regency in Buddha. Samyam and Ashma have an affair for about 10 years, and became lifelong friends through marriage . Samyam, who made his acting debut with ‘Sayaed’ which was released in 2012, has acted in films like Gangster Blues, Abhaas, Nai Nabhannu La 3, Punte Pared, Rato Ghar, Dutt and Alpaviram. Ashma has also acted in ‘Aabhash’ and ‘Nai Nabhannu La 3’. In the film ‘Abhaas’ Samyam and Ashma were seen together. Since then, both of them have been in love. Samyam is the son of senior film director Narayan Puri, Ashma is the daughter of Gopi krishna hall manager Pradeep Dahal. Both Samyam and Ashma have been living in America lately.

Salon Basnet (Actor)
Actor Salon Basnet also got married last Mangsir. He turned his three-year love affair with Karisma KC into marriage. His family members, relatives and film crew participated in the wedding ceremony held at Chandragiri Resort.

Kamal Khatri (Singer)
Singer and musician Kamal Khatri married singer Melina Mainali last Aswin. Kamal, who got married in a normal way, announced that the wedding expenses would be used to help the poor and the helpless.

Raymon Das Shrestha (Actor)
Actor Raymon Das Shrestha got married to his girlfriend Jana Mudra this year. He had a secret marriage and threw a party in Ashad. The wedding party was given at Attic Restaurant in Dnyaneshwar. Raymon turned his love affair with Jana into marriage for more than 5 years. Raymon is the son of artist Madan Das Shrestha. He has acted in a dozen films including ‘Zaira’, ‘The Breakup’, ‘Adha Love’, ‘Jaalo’, ‘Megha’, ‘Kurkas’, ‘Visa Girl’.

Neeta Dhungana (Actress)
Actress Neeta Dhungana tied the knot with astrologer and actor Harihar Adhikari last Ashad. Neeta and Harihar’s wedding ceremony was held at Hotel Yak and Yeti at Darbarmarg. Only close relatives and limited friends from both sides are invited to the wedding. Neeta turned her love affair with Harihar into marriage.

Sadiksha Shrestha (Former Miss Nepal)
Former Miss Nepal Sadiksha Shrestha also married her boyfriend Rahul Moktan last Ashad. Her wedding ceremony was held at Silver OK Party Palace in Garidhara. Before the wedding, she gave a reception party at Silver. Sadiksha and Rahul got married according to Newari tradition. Rahul and Sadiksha have turned their long love into marriage. Rahul is a gym owner and Sadiksha won the title of Miss Nepal in 2010.

Raj Acharya (Actor)
Actor Raj Acharya, who is known for his role as ‘Raj’, the son of Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula, got married last Ashad in the comedy series ‘Tito Satya’. He had a love marriage with model Sunisa Bajgai. Her wedding ceremony was held at Shivam Party Palace in Ratopul in the presence of family and close relatives. After starting acting as a child actor, Raj has now completed his CA (Charter Accountant) studies. Sunisha is a model by profession.

Kalpana Dahal (folk singer)
Famous folk singer Kalpana Dahal had a ‘court marriage’ last Jestha. She is married to her lover Punya Prasad Acharya who lives in America. His family members who performed ‘court marriage’ were witnesses.

Swoopna Suman (Singer)
Singer Swoopna Suman also tied the knot this year. He tied the knot with model Jyotsna Yogi. Through social media, both shared pictures and gave information about the marriage. Along with the picture, love and blessings were sought from social media.

Barsha Siwakoti (Actress)
Meanwhile, actress Barsha Siwakoti tied the knot with boyfriend Ashish Gelal last Baisakh. In the presence of close relatives and friends, she tied the knot with her American-based boyfriend Gelal at the Resu Villa Resort in Nagarjuna Raniban. But shortly after the marriage, there were rumors of divorce with Ashish. Now the rumors have been proven true due to her divorce. Ashish also married another.

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