Vijay and Deeya ‘Antim Sanskar’ Trailer Released

Actor Vijay Lama and actress Deeya Pun starrer movie ‘Antim Sanskar’ trailer has been released. In the 2 minutes and 17 seconds long trailer that was released during a program in Kathmandu on Wednesday, the police team involved in the investigation of a mysterious murder and the difficult journey of a father and son in search of something are shown. The public trailer is full of thriller and suspense.

Directed and written by Pradeep Shahi, the film features Vijay and Deeya along with Reshma Ghimire, Avanraj Upreti, Trichandra Rai, Vishal Pahari, Krishnabhakta Maharjanal, Shyam Rai, Pasang Sherpa, Zeta Khatri, Sushmita Giri, Dharmanand Acharya, Suraj Khaling, Vikas Adhikari, Aisha Tamang and others in special roles. is Hamsaer Accounten has collaborated in the film under the banner of Sai Productions. 

In the program, actor Lama said that this film is very special for him as he signed ‘Anthim Sanskar’ on the day of his father’s last rites. Stating that he heard the story of the film when his father was in the hospital, he recalled that the film deal was made on the day of his father’s last rites. He says, ‘As much as the first film ‘Adarsh ​​Nari’ was special for me, this is also special.’

Diya said that her character is different in the film. She played the role of DSP in the film and said, ‘In the first film, director Milan Chams presented me in a different role. My role is a bit different in this too. This character was also challenging for me. In previous films, I was seen in a saree and a kurta, the role is different in this one.’ 

The executive producers of the film, which is going to be released on June 8, are Bhairaja Thapa, Rajkumar Gurung, Suman Rai, Utsav Bishta, Rabindra Shrestha. Vinod Subedi is the producer of Kshitij films. Cinematography by Babu Shrestha and editing by Rupesh Gurung, the production designer of the film is Prem Khadka. Apple Entertainment has taken the responsibility of distributing the film across the country.

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