Salon and Keki’s ‘Jay Ho’ got 87 shows in Australia

Kathmandu: There is encouraging news regarding the international screening of Salon Basnet starrer ‘Jay Ho’, which is going to be screened abroad, including Nepal, on Bhadra 8.

The film is releasing in Australia with 87 shows on that date. Australian distributor Namaste Entertainment is going to release it in the major cities of New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, and Canberra.

Actor Basnet recently visited Australia for promotions. The film, directed by Tek Paurakhi Rai, is releasing in Nepal on Friday. The film is scheduled to premiere in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

Produced with the investment of Suraj Lwagan and Raj K. Adhikari, the film features Maotse Gurung, Nisha Adhikari, Arpan Thapa, Sumin Gurung, Sushant Shrestha, Keki Adhikari, and Salon Basnet. Shovit Basnet is the presenter of the film. This film is produced under the banner of Salon Salina Films.

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