9 Nepali films that did not sell even 500 tickets in 2079

There is one day left to leave 2079. The Nepali film industry, which has been affected by the Corona epidemic, has been affected to some extent this year. Out of 46 films released, two films became blockbusters, two films were super hits and five films were hits. It is pleasant compared to other years. However, this year, the number of films that did not even raise money for poster printing is more than films that secured investment. 

Out of the 46 films released in the hall, even 500 tickets of 9 films were not sold. This year, ‘Siwani’ has set the record for the film with the lowest ticket sales. According to the data seen in the box office system of the Film Development Board, only 5 tickets of this film have been sold. And the earnings are 520 rupees. There are two films that do not sell even a hundred tickets.

When 49 tickets of ‘Narasimha’ are sold, 4 thousand 832 rupees and when 42 tickets of ‘Ren’ are sold, they earn 3 thousand 596 rupees. The number of films that do not sell even 500 tickets is 6. 351 tickets of ‘Prema’, 145 tickets of ‘Aadhi Tufan 2’, 112 tickets of ‘Sari Mum’, 430 tickets of ‘Passo’, 104 tickets of ‘Chor Police’ and 390 tickets of ‘Gorkha: Beneath the Bravery’ have been sold.

‘Kabaddi 4’ has set the record for highest ticket sales this year. According to the data of the box office system, 766 thousand 700 tickets of the film have been sold, earning more than 213.8 million. The highest ticket selling Nepali film is ‘Chakka Panja 4’ in second place, ‘Prem Geet 3’ in third place, ‘Mahapurushu’ in fourth place and ‘Dui Numbari’ in fifth place.

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