After ‘Bulaki’ got less shows, producer Bista’s complaint – ‘unannounced ban’

On the occasion of New Year, three films are being screened from this Friday. One of them is the film ‘Bulaki’ based on the ongoing practice. The production team believes that the positive feedback gathered from the trailer to the poster will benefit the business of the film. However, the film got very less shows in multiplexes compared to the other two films. The production team of the film is not happy with this. 

The producer of the film Biraz Bista complains that ‘Bulaki’ has been banned unannounced. He writes on Facebook, ‘I have felt disappointment in a new producer like me who comes with enthusiasm due to the recent behavior and unannounced prohibition from those who have been active in this field for years.’ He said that what he had been hearing about the film industry was true when he experienced it himself today.

When it comes to the hall after investing crores of rupees, there is a feeling of disappointment that the ‘syndicate’ shown in the release by the hall owners, distributors and respected film workers. The producer Bista has said that he is upset with the arbitrarily providing shows by calling them new makers without looking at the content of the film and the performance of the actors and also the time mentioned in the available shows.

Bulaki movie

He questions and says, ‘What kind of industry is this that turns enthusiasm into disappointment? We certainly did not expect too many shows, but judging by the enthusiastic response from the audience, from the first poster of the film to the teaser trailer to the song, we are expecting an honorable place.’ He argues that the treatment done to ‘Bulaki’ will make new producers think.

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