Advance ticket booking for movie ‘Jari’ has started

Kathmandu. The advance ticket sale of the film ‘Jari’, which is scheduled to be screened on 1st of Baisakh, has started.

Big Movies, INI Cinemas and other multiplexes have opened the booking. Big Movies has given 6 shows to the film. The number of initial shows of the hall is higher than the other three films that are going to be screened on the same day. Dipesh Sharma, manager of Big Movies, said that the number of shows was given more than others because of the ongoing hype and brand. Producer Rambabu Gurung informed that other halls will open bookings gradually.

Since ‘Kabaddi’ is a project of the film production company Bansuri Films, the audience is waiting for the release. Starring Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar, this film is directed by Upendra Subba. The film presents the story of the ongoing customs and marriage culture in the Limbu community of eastern Nepal. Bihe pas, Bulaki and Nai Nabhannu La 6 are also being prepared to screen on New Year’s Day on Baisakh 1.

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