Famous controversies of the year 2079: From Miruna’s slap scandal to G-Bob’s scandal

Kathmandu- The year 2079 was a year of returning to rhythm after the Corona epidemic. Films like ‘Kabaddi 4’ and ‘Chakkapanja 4’ became blockbusters. Apart from these, there were some discussions and controversies which not only made waves in the Nepali entertainment circle, but also made the year unforgettable.

Some of these celebrity controversies will be remembered by the Nepali film and music industry. The Miruna Magar case became the most famous incident this year. Miruna, who went to a coffee shop in Civil Mall to promote ‘Kabaddi 4’, was allegedly touched by a Buddhist monk. On Miruna’s complaint, the police arrested and detained the monk for a few days. From burning Kabaddi posters to demonstrating demanding release. Although they agreed later, the protest did not stop. Complaints and accusations continued. The film itself was banned in Sikkim. Miruna was dragged into many controversies. Miruna said that she learned a lesson from the incident.

The second biggest controversy this year is the accusations between Pradeep Khadka and Bhuwan KC regarding ‘Prem Geet 3’. The film industry itself was divided over this controversy. In the controversy that started when board chairman KC introduced a rule to censor a week before the closing of the night show, Pradeep asked for KC’s resignation from the press meeting and added ghee to the controversy. KC not only allowed the Hindi version of Prem Geet 3 to be released, but also delayed the censor recommendation. He had to back down under the pressure of the ministry.

‘Prasad 2′ had another big controversy. The film was centered around the dispute over the financial transactions of the artist and the producer. After the court’s order, the movie screening has been stopped. Bipin Karki, Namrata Shrestha and others left the film when there was a dispute between the actors. Later, the film was shot according to the agreement of the producers’ union, but even then the controversy did not stop. After the dispute between the producers came to the police, an arrest warrant has been issued against the producer Subhas Thapa.

Actress Barsha Siwakoti was also in the limelight. Barsha got married to American resident Ashish Gelal on 9th Baisakh and got divorced after nine months. Gelal has recently married another while Barsha is single. The incidents of two break-ups in the latter half of the year also received a lot of discussion. The romance between former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada and vlogger Sisan Baniya ended. The love relationship between artist couple Sougat Malla and Srishti Shrestha has ended for 6 years. Also, at the beginning of this year, Namrata Shrestha broke up with her boyfriend.

Actor Bipin Karki’s departure from the Bollywood film ‘Animal’ was also discussed. Actor Karki, who had reached Mumbai for filming, returned home empty-handed several times. Finally, he had to leave the project. The incident that is said to have occurred in the married life between actress Barsha Raut and her husband Sanjog Koirala has also been discussed.

Apart from films, the music sector was also not free from controversy this year. Rapper G-Bob filed a complaint against his parents at the district administration in Kathmandu. G-Bob filed a complaint with the administration demanding that he should be freed from his parents, saying that since his parents did not give him freedom, they even took money. But with the mediation of ANTF, an organization that has been supporting G-Bob, an agreement was reached between G-Bob and his parents regarding matters of care. G-Bob’s press meet was very famous.

Rapper Vten became famous when he broke a bottle on his own head during a concert in Japan. Singer Durgesh Thapa’s Tik Tok and hancy Bro and other mess remained in controversy. This year, the release of Paul Shah, sloganeering between Akash Shrestha and Pooja Sharma’s fans, and the protest by the Newar community over the crowning of Nephop’s Sripech are also popular events.

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