After five years, Mongolian Heart is on a musical tour in South Korea

Nepal’s old and famous band ‘Mongolian Heart’, established through group singing, will hold a concert in South Korea after 5 years. After five years, the band is ready to play in Korea. Last year, Mongolian Heart gave a musical performance in Australia.

The band, which is based in Chohara Ogma, Seoul, South Korea, will perform musically at Dongdae Moon on Friday. This information was provided by the band’s manager and guitarist, Boby Lama.

The Nepal-Korea Cultural Exchange Association is hosting an event where singer Raju Lama and his band will perform his well-known songs.

Raju Lama is the band’s well-known vocalist. The group was founded 32 years ago, in 1992. Loved for folk, slow rock, and pop melody music, this band has Boby Lama on rhythm guitar, Santosh Thapa Magar on drums, Bhupendra Bajracharya on lead guitar, Pawan Kapali on bass, Binay Maharjan on flute and Baburaja Maharjan on Madal.

‘Bandalpariko Desh Bata’, ‘Ma Maya Laudina’, ‘Halla Chalechha’, ‘Timilaai dekhera’, ‘Parkhaima’, ‘Sayad Timro Batoma’, ‘Ubho Ubho Khasa’ etc. are famous songs of the Mongolian Heart.

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