Basant Chaudhary released the first children’s poetry collection ‘Ahana’

Poet and lyricist Basant Chowdhury has released a collection of children’s poetry ‘Ahana’ on the occasion of the birthday of his granddaughter Ahana Shakya (Chowdhury).

Children’s poetry collection ‘Ahana’ was released in a ceremony held at the auditorium of Premier International School in Khumaltar, Lalitpur on Sunday.

Poet Chaudhary, his daughter Megha Chaudhary, granddaughter Ahana Shakya (Chaudhary), Ahana’s father Paras Shakya and children launched the collection of children’s poetry.

Chaudhary has published the first collection of children’s poems in his literary life. Earlier, more than 20 collections of his poems and songs have been published.

The children’s poetry collection is available in both Nepali and English languages. Ahana published by ‘Kopila Kitab’ contains 56 children’s poems of Chaudhary. Each poem is accompanied by an attractive illustration prepared by artist Bhanu Bhattarai.

Chaudhary said that he created Kavita Sangah as a reflection of his granddaughter Ahana.

Children’s literature is not my regular genre. This is my first attempt. When I visited different countries, I was envious of the heights achieved by children’s literature there. “We are not able to understand why children’s literature is lagging behind in Nepal,” he said.

Ahana’s birthday was celebrated with children from the orphanage. She also distributed school bags to those children.

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