For the first time, Susan Chapagain resonated in Australia

Singer Sujan Chaulagai will perform in Australia for the first time. He will be embarking on a musical tour of Australia with his band. This event is going to be organized by Rotiping Entertainment and DJ Sushil. The sponsor of the program is Yes People Education and Visa Services.

Organizer Roshan Bhattarai said that he is going to bring Sujan to Australia because he is popular among the young generation. Sujan Chapagain, who is going to travel to Australia for the first time, is excited.

Although I have been planning to go to Australia for a long time, It has come now. For the first time we are performing in different cities of Australia. We believe that our musical meeting with the Nepalese in Australia will be good,” he said.

His first concert will be in Durbin on April 14. It will be followed by Melbourne on the 17th, Canberra on the 19th, Brisbane on the 24th, Sydney on the 28th, Hobart Tasmania on the 29th and Adelaide on the 30th. They are going to Australia on Tuesday for the event. Singer Sujan’s songs such as Teenpatey, Lajayera, Daiba hey, Alikati Najar Timro, Baaf, Gala Pukka, Ghumi Ghumi, are famous.

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