Taiwan’s “Yi Yi” became the greatest film of the century, Asian dominance on the list

Kathmandu- The prestigious Hollywood Reporter magazine has released a list of the 50 greatest films of the 21st century. Interestingly, this list is dominated by Asian films. There is no American or European film at the top, but Taiwan’s Yi Yi.

BBC, Variety and other media have also published the list of the greatest films of the century. Edward Yang won the best director award for ‘Yi Yi’, which topped the Hollywood Reporter magazine’s latest list.

This 2000 Taiwanese drama film tells the story of an engineer named NJ and his middle-class Taiwanese family’s three-generation struggle. After the success of the film, director Yang became the poster-boy of the new wave of Taiwanese films. Yang shot his first film at the age of 36 after working in the software industry in Seattle, USA.

This is also the last film of director Yang, who died prematurely of cancer in 2007. Based on the story of a multi-generational Taipei family in the midst of crisis, this film is full of comedy, romance, calm, anger and despair. It depicts how modern life is transforming into a materialistic world. The magazine called it a 21st century portrait.

It is mentioned that this film has the ability to take the audience into the cinematic world by using visual and narrative power. Second place was ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, third place was ‘The Gleaners and I’, fourth place was ‘Zodiac’, fifth was ‘Moolholland and Drive’, sixth was the animated film ‘Spirited Away’, seventh was ‘Brokeback Mountain’, eighth was ‘In the Mood for Love’, ninth is ‘Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days’ and tenth is ‘Get Out’.

Earlier, The Guardian had placed ‘There Will Be Blood’ at the top. The BBC has declared ‘Moolholland Drive’ as the greatest film of the century. The list of greatest films keeps changing every few years.

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