Film activity on the rise in mofusal.

Kathmandu- Film activities are mostly concentrated in Kathmandu Valley. Before the performance, film crews have arrived in some cities of Mofusal and see for press conferences.

While the programs such as premieres and announcements are centered in Kathmandu, the premiere of the movie ‘Bahav’, which will be screened from Friday, is going to be held in Pokhara in Kaski. It is not that there are no professional premieres in different cities of Mofsal, but there are very few such activities carried out by the production side for the purpose of publicity.

Producer Sridhar Paudel informed that the premiere will be attended by artists Suraksha Pant and Kamalmani Nepal and writer and director Pramod Kandel. “We have organized it with the idea that it should be premiered in Mofsal as well. It is necessary to have these kinds of programs that happen sporadically outside the valley”, said producer Paudel. The premiere of the movie has been completed in Kathmandu on Wednesday evening.

Director Kandel said that positive feedback was received from artists, politicians and media persons who became the first audience. “I am excited to get a positive response to the effort of preparing it differently in the movie that we are continuously making. In this, we have presented the expectations of the psychology, society and family of the present generation”, said director Kandel. The premiere of ‘Lukamari’ was held in Pokhara a few years ago under the leadership of producer Paudel.

The movie ‘Mahapurusha’ which was screened last November was premiered in Chitwan and Itahari along with Kathmandu. Producer Rabindrasingh Baniya said that the premiere was held with the aim of supporting the growing market in Mofusal. “We say that there is no business in Mofsal. Still our market is not good in many cities of Koshi and Madhes province. We also premiered there to expand the market”, said producer Baniya, “premiere, press conference and other activities promote locally. The film almost raised investment from Mofsal.” He is planning to promote his upcoming movie ‘Mahajatra’ not only in Kathmandu but also through Mofasal focused activities.

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