Relief for ‘Bahav’ when the performance of ‘Prasad 2’ was stopped

Relief for ‘Bahav’ when the performance of ‘Prasad 2’ was stopped

Since last Bhadra, there has been a clash between Nepali films almost every week. On the 1st of Baisakh, four more films are preparing to clash with each other. On this Friday, two films ‘Prasad 2’ and ‘Bahav’ were releasing simultaneously. However, after the Patan High Court on Tuesday issued an interim order to stop the performance of ‘Prasad 2’, now ‘Bahaav’ will be shown as a single.

After Keshav Pandey filed a writ alleging that his 90% owned film was going to be screened without permission and producer Subhash Thapa had not returned his money, the court issued an order not to screen ‘Prasad 2’. Along with the order of the High Court, the censorship of the film has also been stopped. Due to the sequel of the superhit film of 2075, there were many hopes for this film.

Due to the cast of famous actors and the name of the film being the brand, the clash with ‘Prasad 2’ was not easy for ‘Bahav’. The experience of “Chadke 2” when facing “Chhakka Panja 4” is in everyone’s mind. That is why the ‘Bahav’ team was very anxious about what would happen when it faced a big film. However, after the court restricted the performance of ‘Prasad 2’, ‘Bahav’ got a big relief.

If the reviews and audience response are both excellent, ‘Bahav’ will be able to show its strong presence in the theaters for a week of performance. In the second week, it will be difficult for ‘Bahaav’ to survive due to the conflict of film screenings. However, getting the opportunity for a solo release is equal to winning the biggest battle for the film. It remains to be seen how the film will fare at the box office.

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