This is the title song of the movie ‘Bahaab’, ‘Bahaab Yi Manka’.

This is the title song of the movie ‘Bahaab’, ‘Bahaab Yi Manka’.

The second song of the film ‘Bahaab’, which is going to be screened on the 24th of Chaitra, has been released. The top song with the lyrics of ‘Bahaab Yi Manka’ has the voice of Yubaraj Chaulagain, lyrics by Pramod Kandel, music by Basanta Sapkota and arrangement by Bhaiya Acharya. The song expresses the feelings of the main characters of the film. The composition of words in the song is powerful. The voice and music aspect is also good.

About the song, singer Chaulagain says, ‘This is a song that tries to express the inner pains of people and the flow of a person who is suffocated with life through this song. I was drowning in the feeling of words.’ Similarly, composer Sapkota recalled that this song was made in an unexpected way and said that the song will take anyone from the feeling of love to the flow of bereavement.

Presented by Swarnim Entertainment and Young Star Cinema, the film is based on the story of ‘Curiosity, Thought and Reality’. Written and directed by Pramod Kandel, the film is produced by Sridhar Paudel. Paudel had earlier produced the film ‘Gopi’. The movie stars Suraksha Pant, Kamal Mani Nepal, Afran Ali, Surya Sharma Bhatt, Ishwari Singh, Hiralal Kandel, Pawan Shrestha.

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