Amber Gurung National Music Award to lyricist Kiran Kharel

Kathmandu- The Amber Gurung National Music Award will be presented to lyricist Kiran Kharel. This award was established in the memory and honor of the founder of Nepal Sangeet and Natya Pragya Pratishthan, Chancellor Amber Gurung.

The award established by Pokhreli Youth Cultural Family is going to be given to Kharel for the first time. Heritage of Nepali song music, composer of Nepali national anthem, Amber Gurung National Music Fund has been established. Upendra Poudel, president of the organization, said that according to the provision of dedicating the award to a person or an organization that has made a significant contribution to the Nepali music sector from this fund, the family has made a plan.

In a statement issued by the organization, it is said, “We would like to inform you that for the first time, the Amber Gurung National Music Award, established with the intention of contributing to the development of Nepali music, will be dedicated to senior lyricist Kharel, who has been in the field of Nepali songwriting for more than six decades.”

According to Chairman Paudel, the amount of the Gurung National Award will be two lakh rupees in cash and a certificate. The award will be presented every two years. The prize distribution ceremony will be held in Pokhara on the 16th of Baisakh.

“We expect that all Nepali musicians and music lovers will be happy and proud with this important award established by this organization, which has been active in the field of Nepali literature, music and art for nearly five decades,” the statement said.

Born in Kharel Thok of Kavre in 1995 BS, Kharel is a perennial creator of Nepali song and music.

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