How did Shubeksha agree to do film ‘Prema’?

Shubeksha Khadka of Miss Nepal background is well known among the urban youth. There are many admirers of her art of proclamation. She also made her debut as an actress with the film ‘Ranveer’ and her second film ‘Prema’ is going to be released from Chaitra 17th. Shubhaksha, who failed to get success and appreciation from her debut film, is confident that she will win the hearts of the audience with her acting skills this time. 

In the film, she is presented as a simple and ordinary character who came to Kathmandu with a big dream from the Far West. Neither her character nor her personality matches with that character. Therefore, she has experienced that it is challenging to mold herself into the character of Prema. She says, ‘The character is exactly the opposite of who I am in real life. By doing this character, I got a chance to show my work.’

She believes that after becoming an artist, she should be able to reach the audience all over the country. Therefore, even though she is known in Kathmandu, she believes that the character she played in ‘Prema’ will also make her known in the Far West. ‘Prema’ is directed by Govind Singh Bhandari, director of Shubeksha’s debut film. She says that she agreed to work in the film because of her faith in director Bhandari and the script. 

I had faith in both the director and the script. Because I had earlier worked with Govind sir in ‘Ranveer’. He spent three hours explaining each shot to me. I worked only after liking the script. Even more than that, because I have faith in Govind sir, I said that I will work without thinking about anything,’ she said at the song release program on Wednesday.

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