“Those protesting against Miss Nepal are now helping me in my work”

Kathmandu- Miss Nepal Priyanka Rani Joshi is busy preparing for the upcoming edition of the Miss World pageant. Her dream is to win some category of Miss World. For this, electricity has recently reached the remote village of Ichhyakamana in Chitwan on her initiative.

Priyanka said that she got the help of the government agencies including the Electricity Authority for the project. “Those who went to the Miss Nepal program and protested, they supported me in carrying the light after I became the winner,” she said.

Speaking at an event held in Kathmandu on Wednesday, Priyanka said, “When I went as Miss Nepal to bring lights to the village, after the support of the electricity authority, now the lights have reached the village.” Because of that credibility, Miss Nepal has become a good platform.

She said that since few years, the view of beauty pageant has been very good, she said that no parent should think twice before going to Miss Nepal. “Before, there was no idea what a beauty pageant was. Now there is no need to think too much about going to Miss Nepal.

She says, ‘Beauty pageants have now become consumer portals. In the beginning, when I was Miss Nepal, those who protested are helping me today when I am carrying the Light. Our reach is equally strong from the mass media to the audience. In such a situation, what we say reaches many people. We can spread public awareness. From a financial point of view, our branding capacity will increase. She got the opportunity because she was known by many people. After becoming Miss World, as we spread the word of our country to the world, tourism started to come in. Within a year of becoming Miss Nepal, the networking we will do will strengthen our economic situation.

Priyanka says that the youth are looking for freedom and want to make the country known internationally.

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