On Kartik 3, Pardeshi 2 will clash with Bhashme Don

Aiming at this year’s Dashain, the release date of the movie “Pardeshi 2” was announced on Ashwin 14th. However, due to the huge rush of the film release on that date, it was shifted to Falgun 5. However, Pardeshi 2, which could not be screened even on this date, will now be screened from Kartik 3 next year. On Saturday, the production team announced the performance date through a video.

Since the Dashain holiday starts from 4th Kartik (Phoulpati), the release date of ‘Pardeshi 2’ has been announced on 3rd Kartik. On this date, the unfilmed film ‘Pashupati Prasad 2: Bhashme Don’ is also scheduled to be released. In other words, there is going to be a clash between two successful film series in the upcoming Dashain. However, there is a situation where more than one film is being released during Dashain holiday.

In the video prepared to announce the release date of Pardeshi 2, the US-based son (Prakash Saput) said that although he will come to Nepal with his mother on this year’s Dashain and Falgun, the situation is explained as the reason for the film’s release. The promise is explained as a new performance date.

In addition to Prakash, the film directed by Narayan Rayamaji also stars Neer Shah, Rama Thapalia, Keki Adhikari, Barsha Siwakoti, Dilip Rayamaji, Prashant Tamang, Sushil Pokharel, Sabin Bastola, Bhima Mainali, Devendra Bablu, Roshni Karki and others. Singer Saput made his debut as an actor with this film. Rajesh Banshal and Narayan Rayamaji have produced the film.

The story of the film produced by Narayan International is written by Ramesh Biji. B.B. The film has Anuragi’s music, Govind Rai’s choreography along with Ramji Lamichhane’s, Ashta Maharjan’s conflict, Long Khadka’s editing and Mankrishna Maharjan’s cinematography. Films shot in Nepal and America will be distributed by DCN in the valley and FD company outside the valley.

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