The music video for the new song ‘Timi Jasto Sathi’ by Deep Shrestha released

The new song “Timi Jasto Sathi” has a music video that was released on Friday evening through the YouTube channel OSR Digital. Legendary singer Deep Shrestha’s voice can be heard in this song.

Keshab Bhattarai wrote the song’s lyrics, while Kirti Neupane composed the music. This song was arranged by Phanindra Rai, mixed and mastered by Suman Khadka.

Songwriter Bhattarai, a former secretary of the Government of Nepal, portrayed in the song’s lyrics the friendship and love of a life partner. This song’s music video conveys the idea that when a husband gets sick, his life partner turns into his best friend and helps him.

Krishnadev Rupakheti directed the music video for the song, which stars former well-known actors Krishna Malla and Sharmila Malla as husband and wife. In the video, Narayan Pradhan, Rakesh Khadka, Rajesh Bishural, Raju Chauhan, Shyamkrishna Sanjel, and Nirajan Rimal also had roles.

Binod Bam handled the video’s editing and coloring, while Prashant Tamang handled the choreography, and Mukesh Humagain and his team handled the cinematography.

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