Saugat having a problem with time management for his new films

At one time, Nepali actors used to work in 2/3 films simultaneously. That is not the case now. The lead actor does not get to work on a new film until the shooting of one film is completed. They can even make a deal. If the old situation were to return, the most popular actor would be Saugat Malla. Now, one film in one schedule is becoming difficult for him. 

For about two months, he has given time only to the film ‘Pashupati ‘Prasad 2: Bhashme Don’. It is the first time that he has given such a long time to a film. Due to the delay in the shooting of this film, the schedule of other films contracted by Saugat has been disrupted. He is preparing to shoot for four films namely ‘Agastya: Chapter One’, ‘Camino’, ‘Citamol’ and ‘Hattichhap’.

However, after ‘Pashupati ‘Prasad 2’, which film will he give time to, there is confusion. The producers/directors of all the four films are racing to convince him to release their films first. Some makers are also waiting to get him a contract in the film. Saugat is in doubt as to which film to watch first. This is the result of him hastily signing a film contract. 

As he works hard in character building and is excellent in acting, he is the choice of Maker. He also does not miss all the films that are offered. That is why he is having a problem with time management. He doesn’t even have time to promote the film. It’s good for an artist to be busy. However, if the busyness cannot be managed, the career may become unstable.

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