Singer Indra Karki and Samikshya Adhikari’s new song, ‘Bullet Padkaudai’ (Video)

Singer Indra Karki and famous singer Samikshya Adhikari have released the song ‘Bullet Padkaudai’ through the Bhimphedi Guys official YouTube channel.

Karki wrote the song. In addition to Samikshya, the chorus features Raman Thami, Sadaj Limbu, Sundar Lama, Nirmala Ghising, Laxmi Syamgtan, Nirmala Gadal, and other singers. Sundar Lama has composed, arranged, and mixed the music for the song, which was recorded at Trital Recording Studio. Nirmal Kumar Lama (Bg) directed the video, which Pawan Susling shot and edited.

The song features the Bhimphedi Guys team and Aava Thapa. Karki, an Udaipur-based singer from Limchungbung village, has been involved in Nepali song and music for a long time. He has released six songs so far, including “Aiselu dana le, salala bagne koshiko pani, Aafu ta Gaule allare.”

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