“Mundre ko Comedy Club,” a comedy show, declared its closure.

The broadcast of the comedy show ‘Mundre Ko Comedy Club’ has been stopped. On Tuesday, the host of the show, comedian and artist Jitu Nepal, announced the closure of the third season of the show through social media.

He said there were several reasons the show had to terminate. He said that the TV tries to alter the broadcast’s time. He also mentioned that it was hard to pay the bills because it was costly and had to be closed in order to quickly launch other new initiatives. After spending so much, it seems difficult to run the show under the current conditions. He stated, “We had to introduce a fresh program.”

The show has aired 184 episodes, including 3 seasons. In the first season of the show, Deepa Shree Niroula, in the second season, Karishma Manandhar and in the third season, Priyanka Karki were the presidents.

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