The music video for the new song “Charakai” by Sunil Giri

The music video for the new song titled ‘Charakai’ in the voice of Sunil Giri has been released through the YouTube channel Sunil Giri.

The song was mixed and mastered by Shyamshwet Rasaily, while singer Sunil Giri wrote the lyrics and composed the music.

The song’s music video depicts the ups and downs that two young Gurung women experience when their love is thwarted by social superstition. Sunil Giri directed the video, which features Juna Gurung and Ganehsman Ghale. It is his story on the video as well. Manoj Karki handled the editing and color scheme, while Bivek BK handled the cinematography for the video. The video for the song was shot in Dhading’s Ruby Valley.

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